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Meet our Technical Engineer and Process Leader

David Boström

The Embracer Games Archive currently consists of five employees with different roles. Collectively, all five of us share a passion for video games. We complement each other well, and our knowledge and experiences are put to good use in the archive.

To provide you with some insight into the different roles and the work we do, we started filming videos about the various positions.

First up is a video featuring Jukka Kovalainen, who is our Technical Engineer & Process Leader. Please watch the video to gain more insight into the work he is responsible for.

Please write a comment if there is something you are wondering about.


  1. BehMaster says:

    Sehr lehrreich! Die klaren Anweisungen haben mir
    das Verständnis erleichtert. Vielen Dank für diesen informativen Beitrag!

    1. David Boström says:

      Hallo. Wie schön zu hören. Wir werden mit weiteren ähnlichen Videos kommen.
      Hello. How nice to hear. We will come with more similar videos.

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