About us

We Embrace the History of games

For us at Embracer Games Archive, games are an important part of our shared history. Games are works of art that have influenced and inspired people and culture over the past decades. Our ambition is to be part of the greater work being done to preserve gaming history through our archive of physical games.

It is an important investment that the Embracer Group is doing in past, present and future history.

Being a patron of video games history, the goal of the archive is to be a part of the community that preserves and documents games history by collaborating with institutions, grass root movements, journalists, researchers, publishers and studios – not only for the Embracer group but for the whole industry. By doing so we promote and help build the heritage of games which is something that will benefit the entire games industry in the long run.

Archive status

  • Currently have 80,000 games, consoles and accessories in Karlstad, Sweden.
  • A team recruited with CEO, archivist, archive administrator, technical engineer & supply manager.
  • The framework for the database is now in place and registration of all objects in the archive is currently underway.
  • In the future: Network and collaborate with initiatives, museums, and institutions, provide help to researchers and journalists with inquiries.
  • Long-term ambition: Exhibit parts of the archive locally and through satellite exhibitions at other locations.