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Edutainment Delivery

Sara Hammerzmith

Just a little while before Christmas Santa Claus came to our archive – and dropped us an amazing donation of educational games – also known as edutainment.

It was a whole box-load from Stiftelsen DIU (Datorn i Utbildningen / Computer in Education) with all kinds of games and programs. They contain everything from geography, math and grammar simulations to games targeted to certain age groups such as Second Class, Third Class and so forth.

The donation also held an impressive collection of Alfons Åberg (Alfie Atkins) games, quite a few Mulle Meck (Gerry Gadget) and other simulation games such as the Sim series.

This is a rather unusual genre and kind of games – we would imagine a lot us played these growing up . We are incredibly grateful for this generous donation and we look forward to preserving them for the generation to come.

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