An Evening at the Museum

Mikel Rylander

Last week the archive was present during Embracer’s annual general meeting (AGM) at Värmlands Musem, the regional museum in Karlstad. As part of the event we prepared an exhibition area for the attendees. Our idea was to promote two of the Embracer Group’s largest IPs, Lord of the Rings and Tomb Raider.

A comprehensive collection of the physical Tolkien video games were shown. With Lord of the Rings perhaps being the most influential fantasy novel ever written, developers have always been interested in creating games around it. Or at least for as long as video games have been a commercial phenomenon.

On the other end most Tomb Raider games were displayed with lots of different regional versions, as well as interesting pieces of merchandise and other memorabilia.

When having the history of both these franchises all gathered in a small space it really makes you reflect on what cultural impact they’ve had. They are both an integral part of popular culture.

An eventful day for the games archive as well as the Embracer Group!