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Sara Hammerzmith

As some of you might have noticed, a mysterious new name has been appearing on the site a few times latelyWho is this, who might that be? Fear not peasantsfor I shall introduce myself.

My name is Sara Hammerzmith, and I am currently doing my internship here at Embracer Games Archive, as a part of my studies at Karlstad University where I study Media and Communication, Digital Media Analysis. Media has been a part of me my whole lifeI started as wanting to become a regular journalist after playing the Swedish gameJournalistthat I randomly found in our familys collection of computer games.

The game is simple enoughbe the better journalist and sell more numbers than the competing magazine. I believe, that still to this day, I have not done a clear round of it despite still playing it from time to time. However, after discovering my passion for music I became a music journalist and not only wrote for other magazines, but I also produced my own as well as having a blog on the side.

This all culminated in me becoming the social media manager / PR person / Babysittercall it what you want for the Finnish band Lordi, and ultimately that has now landed me this opportunity to do my internship here. My main focus these few weeks will be to revive the archives social medias, both by creating content but also by creating a plan for the people to stick to once the game is over for me.

So what about my gaming background? It started pretty early as it does for everyone, with a NES and the classicshowever, PC was my favorite medium. Starting early with games like Atlantis: The Lost Tales that I still to this day hold as one of my favorite gamesuntil I fell into the trap.

The trap called The Sims.

Since 2001, I have been trapped in a inescapable simulation, from the start to the ongoing saga. The Sims very quickly became a big part of my life and the first thing I started to collect before music entered my life. After getting a decent and good gaming computer I have expanded a bitSo nowadays, you mostly see me fixing generators, getting hung up on hooks and looping and juking killers in whatever realm The Entity decides to throw us into (Preferably Raccoon City Police Station!)

Gaming is, and has always been, a huge interest for me even though I havent always been able to devote my full time to it. So Im very eager to be here, to help the visibility and to discover and learn more about everything in games. 

// Sara