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The Moomins in video games

Thomas Sunhede

Did you know that they planned a Moomin park outside Karlstad, Sweden where also Embracer is situated? The whole deal fell through. Moomin is a very popular comic character made by the Swedish-speaking Finn Tove Jansson, first published in 1945. Despite being a popular franchise for so long, the first video game didn’t appear until the early 90s.

In my job I often get to make complete lists of all games to a video game console or computer. Or as lately, the Embracer owned IPs Tomb Raider and The Lord of the Rings. Both these have quite complete lists online. But what about The Moomins I thought, can’t be that hard? I thought.

The Moomins are loved by the people in the Nordics but also countries like Japan. Check out the list further down and you’ll see that this also is the case when it comes to which countries develop the games about Little My, Snork Maiden and the Hattifatteners. Even though the comic in the beginning was very melancholy and maybe mostly for adults that have changed over the years. Because of that most of the older games are mainly made for children and some of them had quite limited distributions outside the Nordic countries. Hince they are not very well known for a bigger video game audience.

The wonderful quirky world of the Moominvalley is well suited for video games, but are there just a few of them? Mobygames lists only 2 games, English Wikipedia 4, Svensk Mediadatabas (Swedish Media Database) 7 and Giant Bomb 8 games, but there are a lot more than that. Swedish Wikipedia mentions 21 games and are more accurate. But still far off. Examples like this tells us that many games still aren’t known to people and hardly show up on the internet at all. So let’s dig even deeper.

To make a complete list of Moomin video games is no easy task. Many of the games were released in several countries, but heavily localised since the Moomins are called different things in most countries. Try searching for Muminki W Dolinie MuminKów or Muumit Piilosilla for example. This list focus on the names in Swedish, English and Finnish.

And here it is, a list for all those Moomin collectors out there. Don’t forget that most of them are available in many different languages and versions. A new, more mature game, is on the way at the moment: Snufkin Melody of Moominvalley is coming in 2024. Maybe this is what the Moomin lovers have been waiting for within video games? Also the first non smart phone Moomin game in 15 years! About time, I’d say. Sadly many of the quite recent smart phone games are already hard to find and also not supported by all phones. A two year old game can be impossible to play or it might already be unavailable.

Also, many Flash games are today probably lost forever but the ones once featured on can actually still be played via! Click on their respective titles (game 14-17) here in the list.


No. Year Title Console Developer Dev. country English title Finnish title
1 1990 Muumin no Sutekina Purezento Terebikko Bandai Japan Moomin’s Nice Present (lit. translation)
2 1995 Kurragömma med Mumintrollen PC/Mac Norsk Strek/Bullhead Norway/Sweden Hide and Seek with the Moomins (lit. tr.) Muumit piilosilla
3 1995 Jidou Eiken Taiou Moomin to Eigo Tanjoubi no Okurimono SEGA Pico Obunsha Japan For Children’s English Test – Moomin and English -The Birthday Present (lit. tr.)
4 1996 Fest i Mumindalen PC/Mac Tati Mixedia Sweden The Great Moomin Party Suuri Muumijuhla
5 1996 Mumin – På kryss med Haffsorkestern PC/Mac Norsk Strek Norway Moomin – On a cruise with the Oshun Oxtra (lit. tr.) Muumit meren aalloilla
6 1997 Mumintrollen – Jakten på trollkarlens rubin PC/Mac Norsk Strek/Bullhead Norway/Sweden Moomintrolls – The Quest for the Hobgoblin’s Ruby Muumit ja taikurin hattu
7 1999 Mumin – Ninni – Det osynliga barnet PC/Mac Norsk Strek Norway Moomins and the Invisible Child Muumit ja näkymätön lapsi
8 2000 Moomin no Daibouken GBC Pixel/Sunsoft Japan Moomin’s Tale
9 2000 Mumintrollen – Vinter i Mumindalen PC/Mac ePress Norway Moomintrolls – Winter in Moominvalley (lit. translation) Muumit ja taikatalvi
10 2001 Mumintrollen och den magiska lampan PC/Mac ePress Norway Moomintrolls – The Magic Lamp Muumit ja taikalamppu
11 2001 Muumipappa ja Meri PC/Mac Norsk Strek Norway/Finland Moominpapa and the Sea (lit- tr., game no. 4 + info about Moomin World)
12 2001 Muumipappa Kalassa Flash Redlynx Finland Moominpapa Fishes (lit. tr.) Muumipappa kalassa
13 2005 Moomin Adventures – Moominpappa disappears Java Tracebit Finland
14 2006 Mumin och de mystiska vrålen PC/Mac Prelusion Games Sweden The New Adventures of Moomin – The Mysterious Howling Muumit ja salaperäiset huudot
15 2007 Moomin Tani no Kakurenbo Flash Unknown Japan Moominvalley – Hide and Seek (lit. tr.)
16 2007 Nyoro Nyoro Daikousin Flash Unknown Japan The Hattifatteners’ Grand March (lit. tr.)
17 2007 Oboete! Moomin (ver. 1)
Oboete! Moomin (ver. 2)
Flash Unknown Japan Remember! Moomin (lit. tr.)
18 2007 Moomin Jigusou Flash Unknown Japan Moomin Jigsaw (lit. tr.)
19 2006 Mumintrollet och den stora höstfesten PC/Mac Prelusion Games Sweden The New Adventures of Moomin – The Great Autumn Party Muumit ja suuri syysjuhla
20 2007 Mumin och den stora höstfesten Nintendo DS Prelusion Games Sweden The New Adventures of Moomin – The Great Autumn Party Muumit ja suuri syysjuhla
21 2008 Mumin och de mystiska vrålen Nintendo DS Prelusion Games Sweden The New Adventures of Moomin – The Mysterious Howling Muumit ja salaperäiset huudot
22 2009 Moomin Tani no Okurimono Nintendo DS Sonic Powered Japan Gifts from Moominvalley (lit. tr.)
23 2012 Moomin and the Lost Belongings Android/iOS Spinfy Finland
24 2013 Moomin Bubble Shooter Android/iOS Spinfy Finland
25 2015 Moomin Adventures – Jam Run Android/iOS Indium Games Finland
26 2015 Moomin – Welcome to Moominvalley Android/iOS Poppin Games Japan
27 2016 Moomin Quest – The Lost Winter Android/iOS Odd Comet Games Sweden Also known as: Moomin – Tap the Tiles
28 2017 Moomin Under Sail Android/iOS Snowfall Finland
29 2018 Moomin – Match & Explore Android/iOS Snowfall Finland
30 2018 Moomin Move Android/iOS Tribe Red Finland
31 2019 Moomin Friends Flower Puzzle Android/iOS Exnoa/DMM Games Japan
32 2021 Moomin Fun Fest Android/iOS Kodamity Japan
33 2021 Moomin Puzzle & Design Android/iOS Rovio Finland
34 2021 MoominValley Hidden & Found Android/iOS Tokyo Hammock Japan
35 2024 Snufkin Melody of Moominvalley PC/console Hyper Games Norway

Not included on this list:

  • Spinfy made several other apps that can’t be called games.
  • Homebrew games like A Little Lost Moomin, Super Moomin and Taistelevat Muumit Muumipapan Pojan Kosto.
  • Other computer software that contains the Moomins but aren’t games.

Please mail me if you find any errors or have any additional info.