Researchers in the archive – Establishing new relations

Natalia Kovalainen

Establishing new collaborations

During the year and a half we have existed we had a substantial amount of visits to the archive, ranging from game studios to institutions working with preservation.
One of the latest visits to the Archive was by a group from Karlstad University. The group primarily consisted of personnel from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

After the customary tour of the archive and presentation of the work we do, a workshop was had. The theme of the workshop was how the archive can be researched by humanists. What can be researched today and, in the future, the more the archive grows.



The specifics around the ideas that came up is something you the reader will have to await patiently. But what I can tell is that they varied a lot, some were more ethnological in nature and others more comparative. Both within the games media and between games and other media like film or literature for example. I myself got inspired to start writing.

This could lead to many synergies for both us and academic studies related to games. We look forward to the impact that all the research that could potentially have.

With that said the Embracer Games Archive is a resource for all researching games. Do not hesitate to contact us!