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A historic day for the archive

David Boström

The archive is now entering a new phase

March 10 was a historic day for the Embracer Games Archive. We had an event to celebrate that the database was ready for registration of all objects. Lars Wingefors the CEO of Embracer Group registered the first game. River Raid for the Commodore 64 as it is a dear childhood favorite of Lars.

The fact that we are now starting to register games in the database means that the archive is now entering a new phase; to achieve control over what we have and what is missing.

Natalia and Jukka have been responsible for creating the framework for the database and they have done a really good job with it. We use Axiell Collections, and our goal going forward is that everyone should be able to see what we have in the database via our website.

Now begins the big and important work of registering all our objects and this will be one of our most important focuses going forward.

In this post, there is also a small video from the opening, do not miss it.