Help needed

Hello Retro-PC enthusiasts!

Jukka Kovalainen

We need your help!

As you might know we have quite a collection of hardware and games in our archive but one thing that is sorely lacking are retro-PC’s and by that we mean everything from the early 1980’s to early 2000’s.

Last year in the autumn we had a class from a local school over for a brief history lesson on competitive gaming. Me and Mikel rigged up our own computers ranging from a Pentium 200MMX to Pentium 4. We covered the beginnings of network play and the boom of 3D-accelerators and Quake to Counter-Strike. But also covered the transformation of RTS genre into what we today see as MOBA games.

And of course, we ended the class with a Deathmatch in Quake which was wildly popular with the younger crowd.

This year we want computers of our own in the archive to represent milestones or just unique quirky machines that we PC-gamers love and that is where you come in!

Prepare a picture of your computer setup that you wish to either donate or sell to the archive. Describe the setup and if you have story to share of what makes it special. Even better!
Is it a typical computer that just about anyone had or is it a top of the line specced for enthusiasts? Does it have a busted door from when your friend fell into it at a LAN party or did you finally find that chassis you dreamed of having?

If you have matching peripherals like mice, keyboards, CRT-Monitors and so on that matches the setup or theme. Those are also of interest for us.

As you know we are located in Karlstad – Sweden so bear that in mind when contacting us as shipping might be an issue.

And if your computer is interesting for us and you choose to deliver it to us in Karlstad. We can see to it that you can get a tour of the archive as well.

Quick recap:
Computers wanted from approximately 1980 to 2005.

Contact us through the form below with a brief description and we’ll get in touch.
Picture of the computer and related gear.
We would love to hear a description and if you have a story to tell.
Where it is located. Preferably Sweden.

The link to contact!

Best regards and happy gaming.